First Presentation

Well, our developer's Get-together on June 20, 2002 at the Ramada was a rousing success (after a fashion :) I was Worse and the audience was Better than I had thought ;) My 'Speaker's Notes', so carefully crafted, left my Cranium for greener pastures and my Tongue was tied for the first several slides, but I G r a d u a l l y got into it.

The Audience of over 20 was awesome - contrary to what I had Feared, nary a bored, sleepy or confused face in the place. Most of the folks there seemed to find it Interesting :)

What did you Attendees think? Was it about high Time we had one of those in Calgary? :)

We used RReplicas of Borland's conference evaluation forms. Most folks filled them out - thanks! :) The Stats are as Follows:

Rating scale: 1 - Poor; 2 - Fair; 3 - Good; 4 - Very Good; 5 - Excellent

Evaluations turned in: 18

Category Average rating
Speaker's grasp of subject 4.50
Speaker's pacing & delivery 3.94
Value of the visual materials 4.00
Coverage of the subject matter 4.17
Technical accuracy 4.37
Value of the presentation for you 3.72
Would you come to hear this speaker again? 18 yes (thanks! :)
Do you feel you have learned something valuable about this subject from this presentation? 18 yes (I'm glad :)
Would you like to see this topic covered in more detail at the next conference? 10 yes, 6 no, 2 abstaining

I Still think you lot are being too Kind ;)

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