Europe 2005

This was from a trip that I actually Won! Thanks, Garnier! They were nice enough to allow us to extend our stay for an extra couple of weeks. It was so Involved, that it requires a little more Room than I have on this page. So go read about the Buzz here Fountain in Geneva

Lethbridge 2002

Double D Restaurant I'll have a Large glass of Milk, please. Is it Fresh? :)

Vulcan 2002

Those Punks close their Visitor Center down on the Weekends! *slaps forehead* ... Tourism, anyone? Well, we still ran around the site and took silly Pictures.

If only it was Open, I wouldn't have to take this shot through the Window. (All in all, it turned out well enough :) Vulcan Visitor Center

Looking around on the ground for Props, I managed to cobble enough together to be a Squeegee kid for Aliens Alien Squeegee Kid

Greece 2000

Plaka, Athens The Shopping district in the older part of Athens

Decorative Sticks One of our simple X-mas decorations that year - I liked the way it Looked :)

Hills of Vouliagmeni A view of some of the hills in the suburbs of Athens. The vast, vast majority of the houses were of that Stark whitewhite

Frankfurt 2000

The Festival near Downtown Frankfurt Festival

The "City Ring" in downtown Frankfurt is pretty, even in the depths of Winter Frankfurt City Ring