Everyone Knows It's Linky

Here's a sampling of some of the Interesting links I've found over the Years...


Fark.com - Odd news and discussions - be sure to check out the Photoshops!

Project Censored - The news you just don't get to hear about.


AMI Sector One - Amiga games, applications and emulators.

Annoyances.org - Stomp out various Windows annoyances (yes, without moving to Linux :)

Firing Squad - Excellent spot for the latest in games and hardware.

IrfanView - An excellent li'l picture viewer, especially for you poor souls using Internet Explorer to view your digital pictures. Even just the ability to hit [SPACE] to get to the next photo in the directory will make you wonder why you punished yourself for so long :)


CalgaryGasPrices.com - Want to know the least and most expensive spots in Calgary for gasoline?

Celebrity Doubles - Need an Austin Powers to speak at your convention? :)

MIT Open Courseware - Course outlines, quizzes, lectures in an online format for students and professors alike. A grand idea!

Salem Boys Auto - A fantastic site by folks in Arizona for searching on car symptoms, and other must-know car information.


Inside Sessions - Learn about the business of music.

The MOD Archive - Remember the old .MOD format? Here is a giant repository of them, with an excellent "Random Song" feature.


Jerry Pournelle - You knew him from BYTE magazine. Still sharp as a tack and covering more than just computer topics.

Tumbleweed's Corner - Some very good Japanese language links.

VeryLowSodium - Worth checking out, especially the web-controlled scrolling LED sign and the fanimutations (esp. Irrational Exhuberance)

Wil Wheaton.net - Sure, I had thoughts of Wesley Crusher dying in a freak transporter accident, but the real Wil Wheaton behind him is a pretty cool actor/geek.


Engrish.com - No, the funny English translations don't end with your computer manuals. Warnings, slogans and shop signs galore, find out what English looks like... when you don't know English :)

Language Lover's Product Catalog - A spot to buy the very interesting Pimsleur CD collections.


C.A.L.A. - Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.


Abuse.net - If you want to find registered abuse addresses for a domain.

ARIN: Whois - Find out where in North America that IP address is coming from.

bitch-list.net - Lists the 'big boys' who are spam-friendly or spam-clueless.

Clueless Mailers - Find out who's been sharing e-mail addresses, sending spam, and turning their backs on responsible e-mailing.

Firewall Forensics - What can firewall logs tell you?

Scam-O-Rama - Oh, those wacky guys from Lagos - who needs to get out of Nigeria with $15 million this week? :)

Spam Avenger! - What happens when you phone up and feign interest in spammers' products? How long can you string them along? Hilarity ensues.

SpamCop - A definite boon to those who want to report spam semi-automatically, this service has some thorough tracing and false header evaluation, as well as a filtered e-mail service.

UXN Spam Combat - Many good IP/blacklist lookup tools, and links to some good anti-spam sites.

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