Cereal Mörder

Kellogg's Vive ~ It's got crunchy Flakes in it that withstand Milk well. On the healthier side, but has a nice taste of Cinnamon to it

Kellogg's EXtreem ~ Pretty nice-tasting Os with a total X marshmallow Overload. Pretty good if you're in the Mood for it :) Kellogg's seems to come up with a lot of these Thematic something-plus-marshmallow cereals for the latest quarterly Craze :)

Kellogg's Shredded Wheat (with stuff in the middle) ~ Kellogg's has introduced and taken Awaaaaay... these tasty squares a few times. This latest time introduced the Wildberry flavour, which is nice. It otherwise comes with Strawberry and Raisin fillings. Makes the whole cereal fairly Tasty, but not too Sweet.

Kellogg's HUMUNGO Munch Cinnamon Blast ~ The cereal in here is GIANT; 1+1=2 on a spoon is practically all you can Manage. I wasn't too fond of the Cinnamon variety - it's quite hard and reminded me of Breadst|||cks

Kellogg's HUMUNGO Munch Froot Loops ~ On the other hand, these are the same Size, but taste exactly like... FRO OT LOOPS, which I definitely Enjoy :)

Kellogg's Pokemon Pik - a - chu ~ S(e)(e) what I mean about Crazes? :) Another LOOP and marshmallow cereal. Not bad; O's seem based on Cruncheroos, which are slightly sweeter than regular Cheeri-Os.

Quaker's Volcano Crunch ~ Entertaining Concept. Take multi-colored equivalents of Pebbles or Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries, and add in a packet of those Pop RocKs (the kind that Fizz and s p l i n t e r in your mouth). It's Entertaining, a little on the sweet side, and it colours your milk :)

Kashi Medley ~ Definitely on the Healthy side. Variety in the components, but Uninspiring...

Peace Cereal's Cinnamon Apple Crisp with Ginseng and Fo-Ti, of all things ~ Light, crispy Flakes, medium milk tolerance, the flavours are in the granola-like Clusters. Pretty good cereals :) They taste, interestingly enough, mildly Spicy, especially the cereals of theirs that have Ginger in them. Didn't find a massive difference to my + health + from the additives ;)... but they're certainly there if you're a Fan of such things :)

More to come...

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