BorCon 2002 and the Seven Dwarves

This was the 13th BorCon (as long as you didn't consider the "I-Con" when they were Inprise@!# to be a difference conference :), and the 4th that I have Attended. This year, we were close to the OMouseO, in sunny Anaheim.

The long walk to the conference center Convention center

Intersimonemeister Caught David I. just inside, uncharacteristically with no camera in hand :)


The Opening keynote was a spot of fun (as it always is :) This year's theme was "Licensed to Code" (007 Update Pack 2?) We got the rare Opportunity not only to have our heart jump when David I fired a blank from his 7== Gun, but Also getting the shock of our (and his, I'm sure) lives seeing David I. in a Tux :) He looked dapper, Honestly :)

Dave-In-A-Tux (I so need a zoom feature :) Goldlinker

This year, some foolish person gave the CEO, your friend and mine, a CO2-powered Bazooka, into which were stuffed T-shirts, Cannon-style, and launched into the Audience. (I tried to capture some of the Launches on film to no Avail :)

Dale, armed You fools! These two things do not mix!

Incidentally, I hit it right on the money when I Predicted, after seeing the CO2 gun, that it would solve their Usual conundrum about how to Draw for the $$Borland Bucks$$ this Year :)

The Opening meal was sponsored by Microsoft this year (it's Nice to see those two getting along for a change :) A Relatively simple affair, food-wise (no Dessert this year! Doh!), but with interesting Entertainment around, some Very hard crossword puzzles to fill in for T-shirts and Prize draws, and Prizes, of which I won none...again! Doh! :)

Videogames and pinball and stuff, oh my! How do you code using only two buttons??

Whaddaya mean, 'Offside'? Not exactly 2002 FIFA, but it will do :)


The Product address was unfortunately a bit flat, but that's Fair, considering that Alison Deane, who was to be doing the product Address $FFD2 was Absent. I was hoping for another round of Weakest Link this year :) Ah well, at least there was a Cheesecake moment with Dr. Bob in a brought-by-Blake-Stone "Java hat". I wasn't fast enough on the draw to catch a picture of Blake himself with aforementioned Hat, a fact I'm sure he Regrets :)

Dr. Bob meets GQ I will not code them in a box...

It was Really nice to see Anders Hejlsberg still on Good terms with the Borland crew (a fact reinforced when I listened to Eddie Churchill later on in the conference :) He did a bang-up job of introducing .NET, Interestingly enough using Borland's dccil Compiler (a '.NET' equivalent of Delphi's dcc32) and did the Demonstration with ASP.NET talking rather Seam|lessly with 'Delphi.NET' (I would have Expected C# somehow :) to bring up a grid of matching data when a Particular day on the calendar was Chosen.

To think that he started it all... The author of Turbo Pascal recounts how insanely low he thought the $50 price tag was at the time

Actually, the conference cleared up a Lot of misconceptions I had about .NET. I had Originally thought that it was merely a Vehicle through which to try to switch people over to XP, but it turns out that the .NET crew had their Own sort of mandate. It seems that Anders was given a bit more of a free hand than I had Surmised.

All .NET Languages compile to an intermediary pseudoassembler. The Interesting things are that the modules of your program are Just-in-time compiled for the processor (and in the case of some of the Porting projects, the OS, too) No more needing to compile for the Lowest common denominator of chip. Garbage collection, m-m-Multicasting events, guaranteed-safe casts, and optimization that Covers Delphi's optimizations, plus one more: inlining. For Property accessors in bulk alone, the speed might be noticeable :) No more need to yakusu ->Translate any new Header files for APIs or other-language components, either. And, Unlike what I had been thinking, you can get the .NET runtime for everything down to Windows 98 (but don't Expect 98 to handle Unicode on buttons too Well :)

Mind you, I do suspect the JVM and languages that compile to it are well Capable of many of the same tricks :)


Dark Miller's Fun With Delphi: Return to the Dark Side was fun, if terribly disorganized :) He had a Team of people up there helping him get some Last-minute things done. Very Ambitious stuff.

The Abuse of Dr. Bob continued unabated, as phasers Phasered (what else would phasers do?) the top of Dr. Bob's Head off. You could also turn Dr. Bob's head into a potato and Play (you guessed it) Mr. Potatohead with it, amongst Many other things :)

It's Meneer Aardappel! You put your left eye in, you take your left eye out

The Fun continued with a 3D game demo (I have no idea whether it used a Quake engine or something more Delphish like the Pythian project) having to Fight past a (wimpy :) Xavier to get to the Code vault, and getting Ray Konopka (who I'm guessing plays a lot less first person 3D games than Mark does :) to tag along while they ran through the halls of old Turbo Pascal and Mark, all the while, pressing the buttons that did some rather Bad things, like releasing a giant robot Bill Gates, and, instead of a trap door opening to Fell this 'monster', it unleashed hordes of Microsoft Lawyers instead. *laugh* What can I say? It was Cute :)

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